A little bit of work on the bike….

So, I received my new bars from Zombie Performance, they are a combination of Rabbit Ears and Ape Hangers, Steffan titled them ‘Almost Rabbits’. Here is a photo of them on the bike for mock up.


I also got a new fender in from BikePartsOutlet, this is an 11″ rear fender from a big dog chopper. Fit’s perfectly with my Michelin 205-60-15.


I’ve also been rewiring some things, moved my bright switch for my headlights, done away with the clutch engaging switch/sensor, re routing front brake wiring for the tail light and so forth. Also, this shows the bike completely stripped.


I have now removed the stock fender struts and will be welding on bolting tabs and adding a sissy bar.


Then, and last for this update. I have decided to finish the bike with swirls from a sanding pad on a drill. Then clear coat over the raw metal.



this is all for now. Let’s RAGE!


The Loneliest Road in America

So, We are taking US-15 and I-64 from Jenkins, KY into Lexington KY. Then Frankfort Pike up to Louisville and US-50/150 to St. Louis. From there it is US-50! St. Louis to VEGAS!!!!!

¬†Of course to get to Vegas we do get off US-50 in the last stretch but that’s fine.

Here is a google map of the ride. I will update with more maps of each day and also the ride back as time progresses.

Riding the dead!

Just placed an order with Zombie Performance. Ordered a set of Zombie Rabbit Ears Bars for the scoot. This will hopefully prove to be a much more comfortable ride for myself on the long road ahead. Steffan really hooked me up! I cannot wait to see these in person.

go check out Zombie Performance!